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Incentive tour "Lights, Camera, Action!"


Participants of the Incentive are divided up into several teams, with each team transformed for three days into the actual film crew for a short feature film. Each team will receive a movie scenario, and choose actors, a cameraperson and a producer from among themselves. Day One is devoted to shooting preparations; Day Two is reserved for the actual shoot. At the end of the Incentive Tour, the teams will present their masterpieces on the festival! An exciting experience that mirrors the action at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.


PROGRAM OF THE INCENTIVE TOUR "Lights, Camera, Action!":

PragueDay 1

Arrival to Prague. Meeting at the airport with your guide, transfer to the hotel, accommodation.
Each team is provided with its own assistant, who will act as director for the movie. The director will take care of all organizational details to ensure the highest quality film shoots. The teams will then visit the world-famous Barrandov Studios to choose costumes. The producer and camera operator will study the machinery and familiarize themselves with facilities. A gala masquerade dinner will be held in the evening to allow the “actors” to don their costumes and get accustomed to the characters they will play. It’s also an opportunity for the producer to see his chosen actors in character and come up with new ideas….
Visit to Barrandov studios, Costume choice.
Lunch on the terrace at one of Prague's finest restaurants "U Zlate Studne".
Gala dinner and masked ball



PragueDay 2

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to various shooting locations.

Incentive tourThe teams will travel by minibus to their respective shooting locations. The actors are warmed up and on their marks and it’s – Lights! Camera! Action! Work during the shoot will only pause for a short lunch break organized by the director, and catered on set just like it happens in the real movies. At the end of the shoots, the director of each team will hand the film over to professional film technicians for the final edit.

Prague — Karlový VaryDay 3

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Karlový Vary.

Hotel “Thermal” in Karlovy Vary. Roll out the red carpet! As cameras flash and the enthusiastic movie fans cheer, the guests are entering the cinema hall where selected films will be presented to the Festival. After a short break for a buffet-style lunch, it’s back to the hall where the Festival jury is announcing the winners! The new winners of the “Golden Globe” statuettes beam with happiness, and utter grateful words to all those who helped them achieve this stunning success. After the excitement has died down, participants and organizers proceed to the famous Hotel Pupp for a triumphant gala dinner.

PragueDay 4

Breakfast at Hotel Pupp. Transfer to Prague. Free time. Transfer to the airport with your guide.

Short variants of possible scenarios:

a) The Dark Ages. A Tragedy in Shakespearean style. Terrible sufferings, bloody encounters – and the entire cast ends up dead! This shoot takes place, appropriately, on the grounds of a medieval castle.

b) A Courtly Century. A story full of intrigues and mistaken motives. A bit of Don Juan spiced up with a dab of Marquis de Sade. Love conquers all obstacles. Virtue triumphs. Evil is vanquished. The action unfolds amidst the grandeur of a Baroque garden.

c) Scenes from the Cold War. An Espionage thriller of love and betrayal. A conflict between two opposing worlds played out by a KGB agent and a FBI agent. Stakeouts, shadowy figures, dangerous pursuits – all played out on the narrow, winding streets of Prague.