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Folklore Evenings in Prague

"Koliba U Pastyrky" — "The Shepherdess's Cottage"

Koliba U Pastyrky“Koliba u Pastyrky” is a popular folklore restaurant recreating the atmosphere of a typical Czechoslovak mountain cottage in the heart of the big city. Contributing to the stylish environment is a wooden interior, chairs covered with sheep's hide, a fireplace, and the permeating aroma of meat roasted on an open stake in the center of the restaurant. The menu mainly consists of traditional dishes of Czech cuisine. Gypsy dulcimer music is played at “Koliba u Pastyrky” every evening from 7:30 pm until midnight, groups may also request in advance dance performances given in authentic folk costumes.


    Dinner with folklore performance in the restaurant "Koliba U Pastyrky" (aperitif, 3 course menu, coffee, 0,5 l. of Moravian wine) — 25 euros / person


Koliba U Pastyrky Koliba U Pastyrky

“Starý Vrch” — “The Old Hill”

Starý VrchWe would like to invite you to a country farm deep in the countryside filled with a spirit of the last century. The picturesque village, where the farm is situated, is called Stredokluky and is about 20 minutes drive from Prague. Here you can enjoy traditional dishes of Czech cuisine together with Moravian home made wine, Slivovice and the best of Pilsner beer. Your evening will be accompanied by professional dulcimer live music and you will have a chance to see several folk dance performances.


    Dinner with folklore performance in the restaurant “Starý Vrch” (aperitif, 3 course menu, coffee, 0,2 l. of Moravian wine) — 25 euros / person


Starý Vrch Starý Vrch

“Cerný Kohout” — “The Black Cock”

Cerný Kohout

The restaurant "The Black Cock" is a part of a picturesque area of home farm located in natural reservation of Prokop Udoli, 15 minute drive from the center of Prague. Visitors will enjoy a fascinating evening, delighting in the dishes of traditional Czech cuisine, singing folk songs & having fun with the ensemble of folk dances. The boutique of the restaurant offers the traditional hand made souvenirs created by the local craftsmen.


    Dinner with folklore performance in the restaurant “Cerný Kohout” (aperitif, 3 course menu, coffee, Moravian wine / beer) — 25 euros / person