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International restaurants

Mexican restaurant "Azteca"

Mexican restaurant AztecaSpicy Mexican dishes are popular all over the world. The chefs at Azteca not only beautifully execute traditional Mexican cuisine, but also serve up tasty renditions with a more local Czech flavor. A dinner at Azteca also provides the opportunity to sample and discuss the relative merits of tequila, mescal, rum, cachaca and several other traditional Mexican drinks. Ole!


    Average price of dinner (3 course menu, drinks not included) — 10 euros / person



Irish pub "Molly Malone's"

Irish pub Molly Malone’sThe Irish cuisine here is traditional, home-cooked fare presented with taste and atmosphere. Breads that seem to rise from the old sod, hearty fare like Celtic beefsteak with fries. The companionable, poetic atmosphere of this old-fashioned Irish pub is a delight. In addition, its drinks deserve special attention! You can sample a legendary Guinness, and watch as the bartender draws a shamrock in the thick head. Or quaff a heady Cider, whose lightness has deceived many of us. Or go for the ‘water of life’ - whisky, the classic blend of Irish elegance.


    Average price of dinner (3 course menu, drinks not included) — 15 euros / person



Chinese restaurant "Hong-Kong"

Chinese restaurant Hong-KongFor a truly enjoyable dining experience, savor the delights of the Chinese restaurant Hong-Kong – one of Prague's most popular ethnic restaurants. The Chinese cuisine is varied, complicated and always unexpected. The Chinese chefs are imaginative, and their cooking methods make this cuisine one of the healthiest in the world!


    Average price of dinner (3 course menu, drinks not included) — 13 euros / person



Indian restaurant "Rasoi"

Indian restaurant RasoiDinner at the Indian restaurant Rasoi is an amazing journey into the fascinating world of Indian cuisine. Let yourself be tempted by its exotic aromas and tastes. To an ordinary European, these dishes might seem too spicy and extraordinary, but once you tuck in, you will end up a devotee of this provocative cuisine.



    Average price of dinner (3 course menu, drinks not included) — 25 euros / person